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in america. officers being assaulted. officer involved shootings, carjackings home invasions in the absence of federal action our state now taking action. it is welcomed action and step by us who serve in law enforcement. >> greta: we could go back well beyond former president clinton when he was in office and find federal lead said we've got to secure our borders. i take it do you not think our government is going to secure the borders? have you given up or not? >> not at all. what chief is a lack of uniformity here even locally. we've had an evolution, if you will, in local leaders even in law enforcement, where we've always bought into this idea that that i is a federal problem. we can no longer afford to ignore that crime in my county where we have a third of our population is hispanic, latino, i have 200 of my taff that are, we are going to apply this new law without profiling anyone. last month get we had -- >> greta: go ahead sorry to interrupt. >> raft last month we had 64 pursuits in one of our patrol regions. a vehicle fails to yield for our lights going on and sirens blaring, the
. >> in this kind of economy, competing with that and india, raising taxes is suicidal. it makes america less competitive, less productive, less capable of building new factories. it is suicidal. i would start from the opposite end. i would say that the -- first of all it is very clear that the president made a decision part of why i moved to a much more decisive critique in describing a secular socialist machine and the most radical administration in history. they a chance after scott brown won in massachusetts to back up and say, you know the polls are against the health bill, the town hall meetings are against the health bill, the tea parties are against the health bill now we've lost kennedy's seat over the health bill, maybe we ought to go slower. instead they did the opposite. took them about a week they said we are going to ram this through no hart what the american people think. no question from every source i know of from gallup, rasmussen, dozen others that the health bill is unpopular by 20, 25 point margin. they just don't care. next they are going to come back and try to pass cap
remember energy in america is security for america. so yeah, let's drill baby drill. nnd stall baby stall! [ cheering ] >> you betcha! all of this make us more beholding to foreign countries, less secure it makes us less free. i'm not calling anyone unamerican. but the unintended consequences of these action the results are unamerican. [ cheering ] >> is that what barack obama meant when he promised the nation they would fundamentally transform america? he warned us with the playbook is -- is this what their change is all about? i want to tell them, nah, we'll keep clinging to our constitution and guns and religion and you can keep the [ cheering ] the voters are coming! now we've all learned a lot of lessons in this last year. i don't want anybody to feel bad if they supported some of those on left in the last election.ç we had a complicit media that did not do its job completely. some tried, but some did not! >> greta: s are planned from coast-to-coast tomorrow on tax day on the record we'll have them covered. this time of year most americans look at individual and family budgets. are
of america. i'm not sure that achieves that goal. that means restoration of the wall between traditional banking and investment and all the reckless stuff that we know has been going on. >> greta: are you talking about goldman sachs that type of institution? >> those institutions that are engaged in traditional banking, community banks, those portions of goldman sachs and morgan and all those who are in traditional, home loans, loan businesses, fine with me if we back it with federal taxpayers' money in the for of the fdic. but the people that engage in all these other activities, derivatives and all those things no taxpayer dollars should ever be at risk. >> greta: what about an outside agency as the president has proposed to be a watchdog. is that fruitful or do we -- one of the gripes i've had first we should look within the government to see whether or not we don't have government entities that can do that what is your view on create ago outside agency or looking within our own government to see whether we have the ability and we just dropped the ball. >> i'm always nervous about cre
. it also talks about where things are going in terms of the institutions in america. not just government people are upset with. it is a collective anxiety. i think it has a lot to do with the economy. future concerns about our competitiveness and so on. it is not a good number. if you are running for office now you are probably concerned about november. >> greta: here's another number that i think is stunning and the question whether the government has a negative effect on people's day-to-day lives? in october of '97 i think you have to look at other numbers to understand. in october of '97, 31% had a negative -- said the government had a negative effect on their day-to-day lives. that number has risen to 43%. that reinforced that earlier figure of some of the growing dissatisfaction and distrust and unhappiness. >> it would be interesting for us to go back and look at trends since the founding of our country. this is a little about what we are about. in our democracy, which is a participatory sport, everybody gets to have a say. and every once in a while there's a trend where you see pe
the conversation away from his personal life into his professional life. the way to do that is to win. america loves a winner. they will forgive a lot if you you can seed. we've been talking for five months about his personal life. he needs to shift that conversation and get people asking golf questions. >> greta: it is interesting, when he was out of game i heard the golf revenues went down in so many different ways. i'm wondering if he doesn't make a comeback what does it mean for the gust this sport? >> the main and immediate impact is on the tv ratings of those events that he normally plays in. those ratings go down, unquestionably. the business model for the pga tour is solid. they've got contracts that extends several years in advance. does tiger woods give them something may have never had the most famous athlete in the world? absolutely. it doesn't mean that the business model is broken. it does mean that those events that he plays in the tv ratings are going to take a hit. >> greta: is he likely to be heckled on the golf course? >> i don't think so. this is augusta. these fans have be
, >> greta: hold your breath and listen to these ominous words from the head of the cbo. america's fiscal policy is unsustainable. we need to make fundamental changes. if we don't fix the problem we will not have financial stability or healthy economic growth. well, other than that, everything is great, right? joining us live liz clay men. if he -- if he were the only one ben bernanke, volcker both talking how grim and two do something soon. how bad is this?/óÑ >> it is extraordinarily bad. not under stating the situation. the amount of dealt, the amount of spending that is going on as it compares to what kind of income, refer knews that are coming into this country right now is so swamping. if you were to look at it as a little boat on a tough ocean, tsunami is a little dramatic that boat the income not big get pummeled by rogue waves and it is not sustainable that is true. the question becomes how do we we verse that? we are looking at deficits of one trillion a year depending on the year sometimes higher, slightly lower, 2014 looking to bottom out for the next decade. you have to cut
is going to? ♪ god bless america my home sweet home ♪ >> god bless america, thank you!ç ♪ ♪ >> >> reporter: the same thing you've heard, higher taxes, big government spending this is the theme out here, the health care bill. what is your name sir? why are you here today? >> i'm from antioch, california i'm here to support the effort to change our government to get back to a constitutional form of government and change hot leadership is in washington, d.c., just like everybody else here. >> reporter: there was a tea party in san francisco downtown as well as 1/3y miles south of here in theç silicon valley as you know, greta, it -- it takes 10 seats to win the senate back to the republicans, 41 seats to win the house back. the question is whether the energy you see here in the san francisco bay area will translate to republicans running elsewhere in the country [ inaudible ] will they -- meet the needs of the tea party people. we saw a democrat here had a sign that said one angry democrat. >> greta: it looks like you got thousandsç behind you that i guess is te
states of america. by the wearing the drug business, i understand as some estimates is 65 billion dollars a year. >> greta: president obama, when this discussion the other day about your state's statute referred to it as misguided. how do you get his attention on this? there's just no question that there's a horrible amount of violence i think it is going to get worse because it is not getting prettier in mexico how do you get president obama's attention on this? >> well, i hope he might take the opportunity to come down to our border and meet the people whose property is being routinely violated. and our wildlife refuges being destroyed because of moment of these people across our borders. i wish he with would listen to his own border patrol who will tell threw is more than they can handle down there. the president never had a lot to do with these issues while we was a state senator or the short time he was the united states senator. i hope he will educate himself. for him to say this law was misguided, i would urge him to read the because the law does not, in my view, violate people's r
for middle america it is probably $60,000 equivalent in new york. because of the cost of living there. those people are going to be close to paying that big chunk of money. what we have is a situation that thomas jefferson warned from the beginning. when you reach the point where people feel like they don't have to pay anything and getting money out of the treasury for nothing there's no end to the amount of government people want. one of the things i'm amazed at is how much popular support there is for tax cuts. when almost half the people don't pay taxes any way and they wouldn't benefit. most americans realize what makes the economy go in america businesses and jobs created by people who have money and invest in businesses. >> greta: the whole tax code is profoundly complicated. i don't know about you, i think a lot of people -- i may be guilty of this, hire somebody to do my taxes i'm not a tax lawyer, i sign and hope for the best. >> i my own taxes because of that i want to make sure that i'm going through the pain that everybody else does i i it takes me a long time but it is important
lebowitz the chair of the federal trade commission. >> reporter: the ftc is america's watchdog for consumer protection. you write in your annual report the end of the week this past year has provided unprecedented challenges to americans and to the agency. what powers, as we, congress and the president figures out how to protect us in the future, what powers don't you have? what do you need to continue to be america's watchdog? >> that's a great question. obviously, with the economic down turn we've had real challenges. scam artists go where the money is a lot of the money has been in things called foreclosure rescue scams. companies will say give me $5,000 and i'll prevent the foreclosure on your home. they take the money and don't do anything. we've brought dozens of cases there. from our perspective, certainly from my perspective, one thing we would like to see is civil penalty authority so we can find malfactors right now all we can do is take their profits which is good maybe get restitution for consumers. if we had a bigger stick that would be helpful. >> reporter: do you support the
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you begin to put america back to work. need federal investment as a stimulus. >> greta: we a minute left. how has the president done in terms of the economy, in your opinion? >> he's beginning to turn it around. we went from the largest surplus to the largest deficit in the last eight years. we are starting to hemorrhage at the top. >> greta: how is he doing? >> beyond helping the sick, the idea of reducing the student loan from private to the federal government. now student lending we can reduce the rate. we are moving toward keeping students in school and getting jobs and providing health care to me those are steps that will make america better and stronger. some of those protesting again the president to allow this, -- health care. get yet ref jackson nice to see. >> yes, -- >> greta: reverend jackson, nice to see you. >> you too. >> greta: more companies are lining up saying they are taking hate boeing 150 million dollars, goodrich 10 million dollars. prudential. steve moore joins us live. i don't feel bad at all for the corporate executives. i worry about people losing their jo
everywhere. it is going to be like massachusetts across the country. >> greta: thank you. america has been worried about what iran might do to israel. has that changed? should we worry about ourselves. ambassador bolton is next. breaking news about that volcano. take a deep is going to affect u a report is stuck in the united states is here, coming up. n >> greta: new classified pentagon report says with sufficient foreign assistance iran could develop and test a ballistic missile capable of reaching the united states by 2015. what should we do? former u.s. ambassador to the united nations john bolton joins us live. any suggestion if that is true they could send this to the united states by 2015? which they didn't say they could arm it with a nuclear weapon that's another issue. >> i wouldn't necessarily think 2015 is a long way way this is an estimate, iran could have breakthroughs may get more assistance from overseas than projected. i don't think you can say five years plenty of time. it would be less than that i think the main point is the obama administration's decision last year to
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in just two weeks. new crest 3d white toothpaste. and try crest 3d white rinse. >> from america's news headquarters, i'm marianne rafferty. more tragedy in montcoal, west virginia. the four men still missing since monday's blast in the upper big branch mine have been found dead. the grim news bringing the death toll to 29. the governor of west virginia announcing the tragic discovery just about an hour ago. >> this journey... this journey has ended. and now the healing will start. thank you. >> it was the fourth time rescue crew his tried to reach those missing miners. people had been holding out hope that the miners might have reached one of the safety chambers inside the mine. the crews found that none of them had been used by those trapped men. with 29 people dead, this disaster is called the worst coal mining disaster in the u.s. since the 1970s explosion which killed 38 in kentucky. >> greta: southern republican leadership conference in full swing and major republicans are swinging at po2 names you will -- at president obama. two names you will recognize. >> they are being told to
into their own hype that it was nothing more than a fringe. we see that the case this is mainstream america. i said it before, i think it is almost unfair to call it a tea party movement any more this is the general public now. >> greta: if you want to have influence, you just want to be a provocateur and cause trouble or do you want to be more -- to make decisions? you are a thorn in the side of the republican party to some extent. a thorn in the side of the democratic party. you can always be -- you can also be the spoiler. how do you convert that into accomplishing something that you want? >> by being constructive about it. one of the things that i look at when it comes to talking to tea party activists, i firmly believe in going into the gop and consuming from it bottom up and really focusing on those candidates. rewarding candidates who are sticking to core republican conservative values. rewarding those candidates with support. i think we are starting to see some of that we see people like todd aiken and michelle bachmann and i hope we see more support in nevada. that's what we see happe
benefits because i'm unemployed and looking for a job. i still don't want the rest of america to take this poison pill to prevent me from having a little bit of hardship potentially. this bill wouldn't help me this isn't going into effect for four more years. >> greta: in pennsylvania katie took on senator arlen specter. what does katie say now? nice to see. >> you too greta. >> greta: i think it is fair to say that you showed lots of passion last summer with senator specter. i'm wondering if any of that passion for the issues has changed since we last spoke? are you still passionate about issues? >> i have to tell you. when the bill went through, i really was distressed, upset, really aggravated at what this administration had done. you can see obama and everybody else's arrogance. nancy pelosi, when they signed this into law, it is ridiculous in regards to my passion, it is still there, i'm a little more fired up right now. trying to divert that into different venues. >> greta: do you consider yourself part of the tea party movement? >> yes, but first and foremost i consider myself
-- you were a waitress worked occupy to the miss america pageant being miss new jersey, on tv, she was on tv, bottle got involved in politics. there's a strange similarity. >> there is. i've never shot a moose. [ laughing ] >> greta: there you go. i knew there was a difference. never shot a moose. >> never shot one, no. >> greta: have you been asked that? >> i have been asked. i've been asked what the differences are and that is a difference. we do have a lot of similarities. i can explain that it is just -- i'm sure there's a lot of similarities with a lot of people. the two of us she is in the spotlight now and people are looking at me now. you can say that about a lot of candidates they are similar to somebody else. >> greta: so much more of our interview with sue lowden you can see it tomorrow on gretawire.com. you just heard from candidate sue lowden. next her primary opponent danny tarkanian guess on the record. how are the two different? we report, you decide that's next. gecko: uh, you wanted to see me sir? boss: come on in, i had some other things you can tell people about
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. now that's great value. sc johnson, a family company. >> from america's news headquarters, i'm marianne rafferty. british airways canceling all flights to and from london through saturday because of volcanic ash in highs land. also shutting down airlines in 20 other locations, stranding hundreds of thousands of travelers. volcanic ashes with pulverized glass and when they enter a jet engine, they can melt, resolidify and destroy the engine in mid-flight. the government accusing wall street's most powerful firm of fraud friday. the securities and exchange commission is suing goldman sachs, saying they sold mortgage investments without telling buyers they were crafted with input from a client who was betting on them to fail, costing investors, more than $1 billion. goldman sachs calls the charges unfounded. back to "on the record." . >> greta: our next guest a democrat says his party could face a november disaster unless the party makes changes. what kind of changes? democratic pollster doug schoppe. you don't beat around the bush saying the health care bill is a disaster that
announcer ] sc johnson. a family company. >> from america's news headquarters, i'm ainsley earhardt. there is late word from the white house that president obama will make a pitch for finance regulatory reform in illinois on wednesday. he will travel to convince tow deliver a speech, calling for greater control of wall street. his trip coincides with democrat ic desire for sweeping changes. a race against time as crews attempt to stop a massive oil leak from reaching the louisiana shore. the spill is from a sunken oil rig that exploded last week, killing 11 workers. it's gushing 42,000 gallons of crude into the gulf of mexico, daily. the oil could reach land in three days. crews are using robot submarines to activate valves that might stop these leaks. i'm ainsley earhardt, now back to greta. ur website, foxnews.com. >> greta: continuing with former governor rod blagojevich. why does governor blagojevich want to put president obama on the witness stand? we went to chicago to find out. you are accused of selling the senate seat vacated by president obama. everyone that you ever had a
. benadryl®. you can't pause life. >> from america's news headquarters, i'm marianne rafferty. we are learning more about a bomb plot targeting new york subways. saying he was ordered to bam two subways by two al qaeda leaders in pakistan. both died in anti-terror strikes in the last year. pleading guilt tote plot and to providing material support to al qaeda. he was charged along with admitted al qaeda associate. the legal problems continue for goldman sachs, shareholders are suing the ceo and other top officers, claiming they didn't keep a close enough eye on deals, involving risky mortgage-backed securities that later went bad t. follows civil fraud charges filed last week, saying that goldman sachs committed fraud for not disclosing vital information about those securities. now back to "on the record." >> greta: president obama about to break a huge promise. according to the new c.b.o. numbers 4 million americans, most middle class, will soon pay a penalty if they don't buy health insurance. is it a penalty, a tax or something different? is president obama violating the pledge
conviction on drug racketeering charges here in america. i'm ainsley earhardt we return to on the record with greta. check out our website, foxnews.com. >> greta: continuing with former governor rod blagojevich. why does governor blagojevich want to put president obama on the witness stand? we went to chicago to find out. you are accused of selling the senate seat vacated by president obama. everyone that you ever had a conversation with about that senate seat, is there any way you could have spoken to someone and not have it tapped. did you have a conversation in the car -- >> a conversation with dick durbin. >> greta: where? >> in my office in chicago. >> >> greta: was your office bugged? >> they say it wasn't. we spoke about the senate seat he offered to be a go between. i decided was my first choice i was going to try to appoint the daughter of my political nemesis the house speaker was blocking a public works bill that would create 500,000 jobs he was pwhroubging. work -- he was blocking. i wanted a guarantee in writing to not raise taxes on people. >> greta: they say they didn't bu
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